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Three Steps to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

May 7, 2014

One of the things you must do for your business is to create a Company Page on LinkedIn.  Having a LinkedIn Company Page is important to raise the visibility of your company.  Follow these steps and hints to create your company page.

Step 1: Go to and enter the required data:

Enter your company name and your email address for that company.

Press the Continue button

Step 2: You will need to confirm your email address & thus the company.

LinkedIn will send a confirmation email to the address you entered in Step 1

Go to your email account and open up the confirmation email from LinkedIn

Click on the ‘Click here’ link or copy the entire link into your browser and press the return key

LinkedIn will now display a message telling you that your address has been confirmed and asking you to login to LinkedIn again using the login id (email address) for your personal LinkedIn account.

Step 3:  Complete all of the information requested which describes your business.

The information that is required is:

    • Your primary language for optimizing your profile
    • A description of your company
    • Your default language
    • Your company type (public, private, partnership, nonprofit, etc)
    • The number of employees in your company
    • The URL of your company’s website
    • The main industry classification for your company (Note: If they don’t have your exact classification, choose the one that is the closest match & then state your real industry in your company description.)
    • The status of your company (Note: Usually this will be operating if you are just creating your company page.)
    • Any Administrators besides yourself for the page (Note: You must already be connected to the person(s) to add them as administrators.)

The information that is optional is:

    • The company address(es)
    • A recruiting poster (Note: I would just ignore this unless you are trying to hire people.)
    • An image for your page header. (Note: LinkedIn tells you the wrong size for the image.  It needs to be 850 by 296.)
    • Your company Logo (Note: This should be 100 by 60.  It is used in all places where your company is listed.)
    • A square Logo (Note: This is not as important, but it can only be 50 by 50.  It is inserted to the left of any updates you post.)
    • A list of your company’s products or services (Note: LinkedIn used to have a separate page for your products and services. but they have deleted it recently.)
    • Any LinkedIn Groups you want to feature on your company profile (Note: If you have a Discussion Group for your company which is a great idea, you should enter it here so that people following your company can also join in the discussions about your company or subjects related to your area of business.)

When you are done, click the Submit button near the top of the screen.

Once you have created your company page, you need to post updates to it at about two or three times a week.  This will cause the search engines to read through your page.  The search engines will see your changes and thus the search engines will think your company page is more relevant than company pages where people do not post updates on a regular basis.

This is how your page will appear once you have uploaded an image for your company header, your company’s logo and a small icon and you have created one or more status updates for your company.



If you would rather outsource this, we have resources that can elevate your visibility within LinkedIn, just give us a call or drop us an email.