Videos from the BNC Venture Capital Meeting on 2/5/2013

February 6, 2013

Last night, I attended the Business Network Chicago Venture Capital Meeting.  At this meeting, 3 companies pitched their business idea to the attendees.  I think that two of the three did a good job, but the third one spent too much time talking about the functions of their software.  As a result, they did not tell a compelling story that would interest investors, spend enough time highlighting their management team, how they will make money for themselves and for their investors.

When you are pitching an idea to investors, you need to appeal to the investors in the room.  The way to do that is to:

  • Tell a compelling story that shows why people would want to use your solution
  • Describe the management team and their experience with startups & in the industry
  • Explain how the company will make money and….
  • Most importantly, let the investor know how they will make money.

Here are the links to the three pitches from last night.

2013-02-05 BNC VC - 010  http://vimeo.com/tektitegroup/ascentiapitch

Education Funding Partners Pitchhttp://vimeo.com/tektitegroup/educationfundingpartners

AlgoFast  http://vimeo.com/tektitegroup/algofast

You can also see previous pitches that I have recorded on our Vimeo Channel.



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