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Restaurant Review: Girl and the Goat

January 23, 2012

Our primary business is providing training, support and assistance to our clients in the areas of technology and social media, but from time to time, we do enjoy eating at one of the four star restaurants here in Chicago.  When we do this, we would like to share our experiences with our readers because they are social experiences.  So without further ado, here is our review of the Girl and the Goat restaurant.

On Sunday, Jan 22, 2012, after 4 months of waiting because we had to make our reservation 4 months in advance, we were delighted with our meal at Girl and the Goat.

Girl & the Goat is owned by Stephanie Izard of Top Chef fame.  Her partners in this venture are Rob Katz, Kevin Boehm and Tony Cournia.  Their menu is comprised of vegetables, fish and meats.  They also have nightly specials for bread, oysters and goat.  Since it is the Girl and the Goat, you must try one of the intricate goat dishes when you are there.

We arrived about 4:30pm and the restaurant was fairly empty, but by 5:00pm the entire restaurant was busy with diners and wait staff.

Girl & the Goat Restaurant

The ambience of Girl & the Goat restaurant.

When we arrived, out waiter explained how to read and order from the menu.  Then we started the hard task of deciding which of the many wonderful sounding plates we wanted to try.

Girl & the Goat Menus

The menus at Girl & the Goat

Our dining experience started out with cocktails; Agave Fleur and Best of Three.  I had the non-alcoholic Happy Drink.  The cocktails lead us to believe we were headed towards unique and delicious flavors.

We ordered 2 breads and 7 plates to share.  Girl and the Goat is famous for their variety of homemade breads and sauces to go with the breads.  They give diners a choice of 3 breads that they can order each night.  (I guess we have to go back again to try the other ones.) We ordered the Chicken Little and Beet It for our bread course.  The accompanying butter sauces were amazing.

Breads, Sauteed Green Beans & Scallops

Our first set of plates at Girl & the Goat

Shortly after our bread arrived, our first set of dishes was served; Sautéed Green Beans and Diver Scallops.  We gobbled down both as we oohed and ahhed.  You MUST have the Sautéed Green Beans. They are amazing.  We actually thought about order a plate to go home with each of us.

When we had finished these 2 plates, 2 more plates were brought out; the Smoked Goat Rillette Empanadas and the Hen of the Woods Mushroom Ragout.  Shortly after those 2 dishes were served the Grilled Pork Ribs arrived at our table.  At this point we were all beginning to slow down a bit in our eating, but when you get food this good, you want to savor every bite.

5 of the menu items from Girl & the Goat

Empanadas, Ragout, Pig Face, Pork Ribs & Loup de Mer

Our last two dishes were served next; the Whole Fried Loup de Mer and the Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face.  When we ordered the Fried Loup de Mer, we were told that it was twice the size of the other plates.  It was.  We had to take it home because we could not finish it.  The waiter gave us special instructions for the Pig Face.  Before we served it to each other, we were told to mix it up just like you do when you get a salad.  So we smashed open the yoke and started mixing before we ate it.  The fish was light as air, which made it the perfect mix to go along with the pig face which was decadent and rich.

At this point, we were all full, but we could not resist trying just a bit of desert.  We ordered the Butternut Malasadas and Gingerbread Cake.  Just like the rest of the meal, we shared these plates of amazing flavors.  They were not too sweet and totally outside of what you would find at most restaurants.

Girl & the Goat Desserts

Butternut Malasadas and Gingerbread Cake

The entire experience takes about 2 hours and by the time we left, the first seating of diners were leaving and the next seating was coming in the door.

So our take on the Girl & The Goat: The ambience of the restaurant is warm and cozy.  The noise level when the restaurant was full was just about right.  We did not have to speak loudly to hear each other.  The wait staff is there when you need them and does not intrude.  My water-glass was filled frequently and seamlessly.  The food is amazing.  I know it will be remembering the tastes of this evening for quite a while.  We highly recommend this as one of Chicago’s great finds and we understand that there is a chance to get in faster than 6 weeks if you mind a 4:30pm seating on a weekday. (Weekends are still way out there.)  So check it out and let the wait staff paint your evening for you as you move from one fantastic taste to the next.