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Google+: A Really Neat Social Media Platform OR a Shiny New Gas Guzzler?

July 3, 2011

Google+ iconJust a few short days or in some people’s lives, long days ago; Google+ went live for early adopters of all things techie and social.  The buzz is so loud.  All the famous, not so famous and unknown pundits are checking it out and commenting on it both in and out of Google+.

Chris Brogan has released his Google Plus 50 thoughts. Mari Smith is says she will be publishing her thoughts about it very soon.  The news blogs and folks are checking it out and getting their thoughts out about it.  Everyone is so excited and most are saying it is the next (oh, excuse me – current) social media community that everyone is going to use.

Yes, I had to get on it as soon as possible and I am trying to help my connections get on it so they can start playing with it.  But am I absolutely enthralled with it?  So many people are, but in my case the answer has to be “No”.  That is because I have a few questions and concerns.

  • Google says they don’t want to compete with Facebook or Twitter. Yeah, if you believe that I have some wonderful swampland to sell you.
  • Is Circles a good thing or will it become an unmanageable mess down the line. I started using lists on Facebook and Twitter, but they became a bit of a hassle to manage so now I don’t use them so much.
  • How will businesses use this social media platform?  Google says they are working on creating a Facebook page like feature, but how will it be implemented and received.
  • Why does Google need Buzz now that they have Plus?  What does this mean to Twitter?
  • What does this mean for search engine optimization and for the other browsers?  Do you only worry about how Google ranks your site, brand, etc?
  • How or will Google seamlessly integrate all of their services into Google+.  Right now, every time you use one of Google’s services, it opens in a new window.  That could be considered confusing and is a bit clunky.
  • People yearn for the days when Facebook had fewer features and was easier to use and connect with your friends.  Will people be saying the same thing about Google+ once the blush of the “shiny new car” goes away?
  • Are they becoming too big to be able to provide quality services?  When companies try to become “the king of the mound”, their products start to deteriorate and then the company starts to fail.
  • With this move, Google is taking no prisoners in its move to dominate and be all things to all people who use the Internet. That may or may not be a good thing.
  • How will the other companies in social media and internet space fight back or will they create a consortium to fight Google like they did to buy all of Nortel’s patents?
  • The Federal Trade Commission is already investigating Google for deceptive tactics. How will Google+ affect their investigation?

Right now Google is the “darling” loved by all, but I remember when that was true about Microsoft.  Now, there are more people who hate Microsoft and Facebook.  This could present a tricky challenge to Google.  How to dominate without appearing like the “Big Bully” in the schoolyard?

Meantime, I am still on Google+ and I will contribute to the conversation there.  I will, however, reserve my right to judge it and will not abandon my other social media communities or my clients that are using them.  I guess you could say, I am in a “wait and see” mode when it comes to Google+.