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Getting to Number One

June 23, 2011

When you are investigating someone, what are the first things you do?  You “google” them and then you look at their profiles on the various social media sites.  Have you done this for yourself?  Are you number one? OR at least are the majority of the mentions on Google about you.

The name of this article is “Getting to Number One” and that is not easy unless you have an unusual name.  Most people don’t have an unusual name, at least, not on the web they don’t.  It takes work to “Get to Number One”.

Here are some starter hints to help you “Get to Number One”:

  • Have a complete LinkedIn profile with a photo
    LinkedIn has a relationship with Google so it is the 1st thing you MUST do.  This is your living professional resume on the Internet.
  • Update your LinkedIn status every 24 to 48 hours.
    Search engines love fresh content so you need to keep them coming back to read your LinkedIn profile.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile current, use keywords and don’t be afraid to brag.
    Make it both compelling and easy to read so that people looking at it want to read more about you.
  • Have a personal Facebook profile and use it to show your expertise.
    Facebook can be a wonderful tool for letting people get to know your personality and showing them you are an expert in your field. This is your “Cheers” where “Everyone knows your name”.
  • Post links, business photos and videos of either yourself or someone else talking about your area of expertise on your Facebook profile at least once a day.
    Again, search engines love fresh content.
  • Get a Twitter account using the same name that you used for your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and complete the profile.
    You need to be consistent when setting up your accounts. Always use the name that is on your business card. Think of this as a cocktail party where you get to quickly meet lots of people.
  • Tweet every day.  Participate in discussions and get to know people.
    Need I say it again; search engines love fresh, compelling content so make your tweets interesting.
  • Get a blog or website where you talk about your expertise.
    Yes, there are billions of blogs out there, but it is still a good idea to have a blog/website where you can show your expertise.
  • Join your local social networks and participate in them.
    People will want to “check you out” online. Search engines love it when people visit your profile, tweets and/or website/blog.  It means people think you are relevant.

Of course, there is a lot more you can do, but these ideas will get you started.  Just keep doing it consistently and your ranking will rise to “Number One”.