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The Power of Twitter Relationships

February 16, 2011

Today, I am reminded of the power of Twitter.  I have established some great relationships with people who I met on Twitter.  The first person I can say that I met via Twitter and then later in person was @MJCarter (Mark Carter).   When I met Mark for the first time in person, we both felt like old friends so it was natural for us to hug and boy he gives great hugs.

Today, I was just tweeting about how I love PopChips and wished I had them for an event that I am running tonight.  Low and behold, @PopChipsChicago emailed us and then called to say the PopChips were on their way.  AND….I was able to get some for @SMCChicago also.

Then I saw my connection @Wildfire tweeting. I have a friend who is putting on a big social media conference here in Chicago and she needs food sponsors.  So I decided to reach out to Wildfire and see if they would be interesting in helping my friend.  Well, dah!  Of course, they are interested.

There are my stories about @EASActiveGirl and @3MCleanerWorld. I met these 2 fabulous ladies at a social media promotional event and now we have become fast friends even though they live a directly opposite sides of the coast.  Both of them represent amazing products and they could be pushing out messages about their products, but do they, no.  They are seriously trying to develop online relationships via social media.

Need I mention the amazing @Ramon_DeLeon of Dominos pizza.  He sells pizza in the pizza town, but all of his followers buy pizza from him because of their relationship with him.  He never pushes or sells pizza via his tweets.  He lets others tweet about his pizza and service and then he just responds to their tweets.  Mind you he also looks for people who are not happy and again he immediately jumps on the situation and turns unhappy customers into loyal fans of his restaurants.

So before you say “I don’t see the value of Twitter” or “I don’t get it”, remember Twitter is an online tool which allows you to meet lots of people, connect with them and establish real friendships in the same way that you might at your neighborhood bar or restaurant.  If you use Twitter for pushing out messages about your product or service, you are missing the real opportunities to get to know people and establish people who spread the word about you and your products/services.


Photos, Video and Social Media

February 6, 2011

Recently, I have been posting a lot of photos and videos on my clients Facebook Pages. What amazes me is how much adding that content has increased the number of impressions on their Facebook Pages. So I asked myself….why?

Well, here is what I think and have NO scientific evidence to support my opinion. People are very visual. They love photos especially if the pictures are of an event, location or people they know. It is fun to watch videos on-line (as long as they are short). Look at the popularity of YouTube. You can impart a lot of knowledge in a very short video that would take several paragraphs to explain.

You do NOT have to be a professional photographer or videographer to do it! The videos and pictures I post on my client’s Facebook Pages are taken with my 2 Kodak cameras; an EasyShare M530 and a Zi8. I use my EasyShare for taking pictures and some videos. I use my Zi8 exclusively for videos, but I could take pictures with it. Together, I spent a total of $150 on both of these cameras and I love them.

As we all know, “Content is King”. If you post compelling content, people will come to consume it. I now encourage people that attend my Social Media workshops to incorporate video and photos in the content that they post on their social media sites. However, a word of caution, it is social media not sales media, so do not post advertisements for your product, services, etc. Also, do not post content which could be considered offensive. Post content which is amusing and/or interesting to your community.

In the future, I suspect I will find more uses for photos and videos. I encourage you to check it out. Here are the steps:

  • Get a cheap camera that will allow you to take photos and videos
  • Go out and take pictures and videos of things that interest you
  • Post your photos and videos on your Facebook Page and/or other social media websites
  • Watch the increase of the number of people that like your page and visit your page

OH – one last bit of information about photos and videos when it comes to ownership. Watch this video where Grant Cowell from REELSEO interviews Daliah Saper from Saper Law. Here is the URL: Who Owns the Video You Publish to YouTube?

If you are wondering – why a link instead of embedding the video…I don’t own it and I do not have written permission to embedded it, so to be safe legally, I post the link to the video. My rule – “If you don’t own it, don’t post it. Just link to it.”.

So go out, have fun and watch your impressions increase as your content becomes more interesting to others.