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Branding & Jobseekers

May 4, 2010

In these days of the internet, networking both online and in person, and a struggling economy, it is more important than ever to establish your professional brand.  So what is a brand – when people say your name, your brand is what they say about you.  It is who you are and that encompasses both professional and personal aspects.

Most jobseekers have a LinkedIN profile, but like their resume, once they create it, they don’t keep it up to date.  Often I find  LinkedIN profiles that are not be complete which reflects badly on the individual.  Some jobseekers have a Facebook profile, but they only use it for keeping in touch with family and friends.  Some even hide their Facebook profile.  As a result, they are missing the possibilities that Facebook offers to market their professional brand.  Believe it or not, very few jobseekers have a Twitter account or if they do, they don’t realize Twitter could be the source of your next dream job.  I know one individual who found her dream job via Twitter and she just loves her job.  Everyday, I see many job openings that are posted on Twitter that never appear anywhere else.  You also need to worry about using keywords when creating your resume, creating your online profiles and communicating with your online connections.  There is a lot to getting a job in this market and studies have found that just submitting your resumes to companies and job sites is not as effective as it use to be.  You need to know how to use social networking online and in person.

Recruiters and employers use the various social media websites to research potential and current employees.  They often dismiss possible candidates because of the lack of a fully developed social media presence or because of information that is posted on one or more of the social media websites.  If jobseekers are using social media, they need to use it to highlight their positive characteristics and skills.

So why am I saying all this, well, of course, to explain why you might be interested in taking the series of Social Media workshops that The Tektite Group offers.  We have workshops on Fridays just West of the Loop.  We also have workshops on Saturdays in Hyde Park.  I encourage you to take a look at our workshop schedule which is posted on our Facebook page.  Take a look at the Events tab to see all of the workshops.  (Note: You do not need a Facebook account to see Facebook Pages.)

The URL is:

You need to think about how you are going to find that next dream opportunity and knowing how to use social media must be a part of your roadmap to success.  I hope we can help you find your next opportunity to succeed.  Please feel free to contact us or tell us what you think.